Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Turner Family Line

This is a compiled list of the surnames in my husband's Turner Family Direct Line.
This list is subject to change as I continue researching. It will be updated as changes are made. 

Turner, Hatley, Steele, Wadsworth, Edwards, Payne, Ellzey, Conyers, Lewis, Griffin, Jones, Patterson, Street, Bevan, Coates, Fletcher, Ransford, Cousins, McIntosh, Thorpe, Grierson, Henneha, Spanalgee, MacGillivray, Maben, Guerin, Guerry, Goatee, Sanders, Dannelly/O' Dannelly, Kennington, Foreman, Hardy, Bowman, Jones, Parker, Taylor, Sherwood, Edwards, Edmonds, Wilson, Hobby, Boone, Fendley, Cooke, Whitmire, Cornelius, Robertson, Ingram, Watson, Cargile, Martin, Felton, Jack

The Turner line goes back through Payne. From what I had read this goes back to Hugues de Payn first Grand Master of the Knights Templar. More research is being done on this. 
There is a Guerin that is female with Chovin also listed I do not know the manner of this unless it is a married name from another marriage. 

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