Thursday, October 13, 2016

Boyd Family Line

This is a compiled list of the surnames in my Boyd Family Direct Line.
This list is subject to change as I continue researching. It will be updated as changes are made.

Boyd, Cook, Long, Waggoner, Johnson, Leath/Leith, Wasson, Jones, McKay/MacKay, Grissom/Grisham, Irvine, Thomas, Johnston, Forsythe, Kelloch, Conyngham, Campbell, Adams, Deemer, Walker, Wyness, Farquharson, Balfour, Arnot, Averie, Whitson, Browne, Dunbar, Clayton, Corbet, Master, Lanckford, Munro, Macleod, Sinclair, MacKenzie, Hill, Fanning, Austill, Alexander, Lamb, Moore, Atkinson, Aiken, Sisk, Vincent, Hubbard, Roper, Miles, Wooten, Rawley, Read, Parks, McNutt, Peadie, Graham, Erskine, Whitecotton/Cotton, Isham, Foote, Hayward, Axton, White, Fuller, Holiday, Reitz, Whitney, Senger, Drayton, Middleton, Smith, Wheeler, Hagan, Sawyer, Barker, Aisquith, Anthony, Guyther, Dinsdale, Lopp/Klopp, Younts, Miller, Blackwell, Sharp, Thompson, Bennett, Jones

There are many more surnames to be explored through the Boyd, MacKay, Sinclair, Cooke lines. 

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