Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Our Family History

Hello to all of the readers out there!
This blog is going to become the online "notebook" for my research. This will be covering my husband and my own family history. While working on the family trees I have found a lot of great history and stories. I want to be able to share those with not only my children, but anyone else out there who shares Ancestors with us.
My husband's line begins at Caldwell - Gammel. I will be sharing all surnames/ancestors going back through due process.
My line begins at Dean - Chellette/Chelette - Hughes.
There is Irish, Scottish, Royal, Native American, Knight Templar and much more in the stories to be told. The tools for my research has been Autosomal DNA testing and a lot of searching.
I hope this blog becomes a useful tool for those of you also researching your family history. I also hope it provides a place for some great historical and family stories.

Happy Hunting!
L Caldwell

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