Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Caldwell Family Line

This is a compiled list of the surnames in my husband's Caldwell Family Direct Line.
This list is subject to change as I continue researching. It will be updated as changes are made.

Caldwell, McGee, McAdams, Ingram, Thomas, Grace, Moore, Palmer, Culbreath, McNeil, Hume, Bucher, Ker, Young, Wauch, Sweetham, Wallace, Muir, Tomilson, Lawton, Alston, Harrington, Crawford, Hamilton, Schaw, Cunninham, Graham, Stroker, Humphries, Bond, Britton, Beeson, Pendleton, Rogers, Hunter, Grimmage, Massey, Lloyd, Rowland, Wheeler, Stanton, Huntley, Kemeys, Smyth, Turley, Hurt, Paradise, Pugh, Grubb, Proude/Proud, Shetterden, Burton, Murray, Hill, Gaskins, White, Conway, Devinney, McLean/MacLean, Porter, Rule, Reynolds, Campbell, James, Gaylor, Jenkins, Macleod, Acheson, Glencairn, MacDonald, Ruddy, Partridge, Stebbins, Clark, Allen, Fields, Wilson, Davis, Jones, Pace, Hawkins, Morgan, Hart, Houchin, Roe, Singleton, James, Orrick, Poythress, Hunley, Taliaferro, Crouch, Maycock, Knowles, Buckner, Catlett, Dedman, Lee, Avera, Kessiah, Moon, Bettis, Lundy, Gascoigne, Rose, Evans, Burchet, Burchett

There are many more in the Wallace line past Graham. That is when it starts getting into the prominent people of history in this line.
The Thomas line ends in the era of son's surnames being Ap followed by the father's name. This meant son of. Thomas surname in this line actually started with Thomas Ap Thomas. Following that was Ap Dafydd (David) and Ap Jenkin.
The MacLean line goes back to MacDonalad. That era is where titles in Scottish Lords seems to begin in this direct line. Could be further down and will know when I research more.
Glencairn is from the Cunningham line. This line goes back to Scottish titles.

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