Friday, October 14, 2016

Hughes Family Line

This is a compiled list of the surnames in my Hughes Family Direct Line.
This list is subject to change as I continue researching. It will be updated as changes are made.

Hughes, Earnest, Carter, Simms/Sims/Symes, Nolan, McClain, Wormley, Lewis, Champe, Washington, Hill, Thornton, Fielding, Ball, Armistead, Ludlow, Robinson, Benion, Wakelyn, Ellis, Potter, Williams, Scarburgh, Pope, Taliaferro, Smith, Hitchon, Townley, Halstead, Warner, Miller, Reade, Martiau, Lane, Twigden, Butler, Berkeley, Page, Paulet, Capell, Montague, Reddin/Redden, Emerson, Bingham, Beasley, Watie, Sevier, McCracken, Lane, Reeves/Rives/Ryves, Ross, Vines, Collier, Pate, Woolard, Clardy, Cropley, Richards, Loadman, Burton, Higginbothan, Goad, Wilson, Dickerson, Granville, Jordan, Bishop, Pegram, Lantone, Steward, Bagshawe, Harvey, Bright, Ruggeley, Hogue, Plumlee, Kendall, Matthews, Moss, Johnson, Butler, Farmer, Smith, Neill, Hunter, Denton, Ussery, Parrish/Parish, Sherwood, White, Wattel, Horner, Bridges, Hill, Popham, Petty, Games, Hess, Yates, Jolley, Evans, Mendenhall, Pierson, Maris, Dixon, Macy, Clinton, Price, Puckett,  Denton, Tenham, Hogg, Pittman, Bane, Gross

 Reeves has a long history. The surnames that are further back will be spoken on later. 
Symes goes back through England and royal titles. More surnames will be discussed at a later time. 

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