Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gammel Family Line

This is a compiled list of the surnames in my husband's Gammel Family Direct Line.
This list is subject to change as I continue researching. It will be updated as changes are made. 

Gammel, Hicks, Brown, Wilson, Burks, Riley, Stockin, Griswold, Williams, Bryant, Kindred, Mantooth/Montieth, Drinkwater, Hawley/Horsly, Burke, Tarver, Talbot, Hardage, Henry, Phariss, Leigh, Edwards, Harrison, Long, Allen, Tucker, King, Via, Bassett, Cabell, Via, Spencer, Powhattan, Goodman, Gallop/Gallup, Phillips, Meese, Carpenter, Weldon, Jeffery, Leith/Leath, Adams, French, Wyness, Balfour/Arnot, Averie, Davis, Hughes, Jordan, Butler, Franklin, Burton, Hilts, Steelman, Luten/Lutton, Wilsone, Currier, Speight, Ricks, Christian, Brasseur, Corker, Septon,

Mary Drinkwater is listed on this tree, but I am still trying to find records to support her marriage to a Brown. 
Powhattan goes back to the Powhattan tribe. This is the tribe/family of Pocahontas. 
 The Mantooth ancestor goes back to a line of Native American's. I will not be listing the Surnames for them since the go by different titles and never the same surname. There will be more written up on them individually.

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